Strategic Development / Peak Performance 

          Dr.Tarek Charaf is an international mentoring professional with extensive background in various domains relevant to management, specifically in sport.

          Despite being the victim of a landmine at age 8, and a kidnapping in his teens, Dr. Charaf  was convinced more and more of the necessity of living life to the max, minimizing anxiety, fear and stress, while maximizing happiness, peace of mind and transcendance.

          During his teens, he was an athlete in swimming and water polo, and has taken part in many, both, national and international championships.

          At age 18,Tarek was already coaching  and managing in water polo and snowboarding.

          He has coached the Lebanese national snowboard team and has managed it during four consecutive snowboard world championships, as well as coaching and advising the USA, Germany and Hungary Snowboard teams.

 Today, Dr.Tarek manages and coaches a water polo team as a hobby; this team is one of the top teams in the region.

           Education has always been something Dr. Charaf enjoys, and he has always thrived to dig deeper in the knowledge of various matters.

He holds today, a PhD in management with a major in sports management, various diplomas in coaching, management, administration, project management, strategic planning,  and other..., and is also a certified instructor in scuba diving, snowboarding, wakeboarding, water skiing, Golf, swimming, water polo, and more…

           On a professional level, Dr.Tarek has taken leading roles in various national sports governing bodies, mainly the Snowboard Association of Lebanon, the Lebanon Olympic Committee and the Qatar Olympic Committee. He has also performed advisory and contractual work for international sports organizations such as the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Committee of Yemen, The Olympic Committee of Bahrain and others, as well as for international sport personalities.

           Coaching and mentoring have been part of Dr. Charaf’s life for many years now; he has an international proven track record, having coached, counseled and/or mentored for more than 20 years, working with some prominent international figures.

           His methodology is quite unique, as it combines many successful therapeutic and mentoring methods, that are adaptive to the different personalities, and can be tailor made to one’s personal needs and requirements.

          On a personal level, Dr.Tarek has launched HELP (Humans for Environment and Life Protection), an independent humanitarian initiative, purpose of which is to provide help wherever it can, in regards to safeguarding, protection and development of life and environment. HELP has been teaching people within the last decade, mainly in the Middle East and South East Asia, to be of assistance to those in need, while using minimal budgets, or no budget, with projects in countries such as Srilanka, India and Lebanon.

           Dr.Tarek Charaf’s expertise stretches today throughout many fields relevant to coaching and sport management, mainly life coaching, Sport management, mental coaching for athletes and coaches, strategic development and arbitration regarding international federations, national governing bodies, National Olympic Committees and Federations.

         He also has extensive international experience in consulting, namely in strategic development and management, international relations, macro development and management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), humanitarian work, strategic planing, negotiation, team building and management, technical advising, coaching, business development and crisis management.